1. New Furniture
  2. Recover
  3. Repair/Refurbish

  Although we are only a family business, we have many years experience of tailor making new furniture to how YOU the customer wants it.  We don't do big orders or long runs, every order is a one off so if you need a settee with a taller back or lower from the ground then we can help.  We can make it to your measurements. 


All our suites and chairs are handmade to order for your requirements.
So relax and take all the stress out of buying your new suite or sofa/chairs.  Let us do all the handwork for you, we can help you create your perfect suite or sofa.
Home visits calls can be arranged at a convenient time to suit you

Chose from a vast range of materials and discuss your upholstery needs with me.  Allow me to share my expert advice.
All suites/ sofas are handmade to ensure Andy’s standards
are adhered to, down to even the small things like cushions edges being overlocked to increase strength and durability.


An example of a new bare frame

This frame will be built up using all quality coverings and foams to provide an end result like those you can see in the photo gallery